Old Testament

Laying it out before the Lord, Part II.

In our last post we saw that the words/threats/lies of the enemy are able to be defeated! No matter what has been said or is being said, Jesus wants to throw all those lies down. Hezekiah, King of Israel, was on the verge of war with Assyria. Assyria had launched a campaign designed to scare the Israelites into submission via threats and propaganda. Isaiah told Hezekiah and Israel not to fear the words!

Hezekiah then went another step and spread the letters/threats that he received from Assyria before the Lord and prayed. Sometimes you have to lay it all out before the Lord. The good, the bad, the ugly; lay it out and pray until you get an answer. And God did answer Hezekiah!

God heard and responded to his faith. God sent an Angel of the Lord who killed 185,000 Assyrians. God will defend His children, you and I. He wants to hear our prayers, requests, pains, fears, thanks, blessing, etc. 

It's worth noting, since it's in the bible, what did Hezekiah say when He prayed? How did He frame up his prayers? Whenever I see prayers written down in the bible I like to observe what they said, there's usually some pattern to them. 

Here's what Hezekiah prayed: (Full text in Isaiah 37:15-20)

  • Lord of Hosts - the One with the largest army
  • The One who dwells between the cherubim - the Glorious One, the Shekinah Glory
  • You are God, You alone - there is none like You or equal to You
  • You have made…- the creator of all.
  • Incline Your ear and hear - He is the God who longs for the voice of His children
  • Open Your eyes - see the injustice against Your chosen Ones
  • Truly Lord - we see the situation here, it’s dire. The enemy has defeated everyone else completely.
  • Now therefore - save us from his hand that everyone may know what we know - You are the Lord and there is none like You!

Hezekiah opened and closed with the idea that he had his faith in God and God alone. He knew that God is bigger than Assyria, but He still laid it out and said, "The Assyrians have beat everybody else. They could beat us too. HELP!"

It's okay to tell God how you feel, but it's better to declare His word in faith back to Him. "I feel this way, but I know Your words says.... and I trust in that more than my feelings. HELP!"

Lay it out. You have feelings. Now add your faith and believe that God is listening to you and wants to help you...because HE DOES!