The Craziest Things

Sometimes I read about stuff in the bible and it just goes right over my head. The level of "craziness" by men and women of God is awe-inspiring. The great lengths that people went to, to fulfill God's will encourages me to have the same level of passion. One of those people is Isaiah.

Isaiah had some serious boldness! 

“Then the Lord said, ‘Just as My servant Isaiah has walked NAKED and barefoot three years for a sign and a wonder…’” Is. 20:3

That’s a level of obedience that we do not see anymore (in terms of unclothed prophets). That’s also a level of faith in God that is amazing. To put it in perspective, if God told me to get naked and pray in the privacy of my own room; I would seriously question it! As in, I would not do it.  

Isaiah did. And for THREE YEARS! Walking around town and declaring a prophetic word, that takes some serious…faith. That’s called, letting it all hang out for God. That's crazy. I don't think Isaiah went from zero to 60 overnight in his trust in God. I believe it was a progression of increasingly greater faith steps that led him to this point.

What about you? Is God asking you to take some steps of faith that seem crazy? Start with what He's asking you to do today. Get comfortable with getting uncomfortable for Jesus. 

All great men and women of faith started somewhere. Start today by trusting in God to do something "crazy." Step out in faith. You have nothing to lose...except maybe your clothes! ;)