Take Courage!

These are just some thoughts from my daily readings today. Apologies if they aren’t complete or grammatically perfect.

Acts 27:7 – It’s interesting that Paul was resisted heavily by “acts of God.” Many would have taken these signs as a word from God that they should turn back. Paul was resolute on the word God had spoke to him, not on the circumstances that tried to limit him. This is the importance of having faith come by hearing and hearing by the RHEMA of God. If you do not have a rhema (spoken, in-time verse from God) you will get driven off course by the circumstances and false signs the enemy will throw at us.

Look at the phrases Luke uses to describe their journey:

    ◦    encountered strong headwinds

    ◦    difficult to keep the ship on course

    ◦    several days of slow sailing

    ◦    after great difficulty

    ◦    the wind was against us

    ◦    We struggled along

    ◦    with great difficulty

    ◦    finally arrived

    ◦    We had lost a lot of time

    ◦    weather was becoming dangerous

    ◦    There is trouble ahead

    ◦    shipwreck, loss of cargo, danger to our lives

    ◦    the weather changed abruptly

    ◦    a wind of typhoon strength caught the ship and blew it out to sea

    ◦    They couldn’t turn the ship into the wind

    ◦    They gave up and let it run (out of control)

    ◦    With great difficulty

    ◦    They were afraid of being driven

    ◦    Gale-force winds winds continued to batter the ship

    ◦    They threw the ships gear and more cargo overboard

    ◦    the terrible storm raged for many days

    ◦    Blotting out the sun and stars

    ◦    All hope was gone

    ◦    No one had eaten for a long time

In the darkest hour, a rhema word from God comes to Paul. Take courage! None of you will lose your lives. God in His goodness has granted safety to everyone sailing with you. So take courage! Stay in the boat. Hold fast to your courage found in the word God gave you.