How much are you trying to lose?

Barista: “You look like you’re going to the beach?”

Me: “Ha! I just got done working out. I’d like to go to the beach though.”

Barista: “How much [weight] are you trying to lose?”

Me: “None. I workout [crossfit] as a lifestyle.”

Barista: “Cool. I got two months till May, I can lose my weight by then.”

That’s a random conversation to have with a barista, but it’s an interesting look at how we view life. This particular person has a binge and purge lifestyle. Workout for 2 months before going to the beach and then slide back into bad habits. I think this is a good illustration for how most people live out their faith. They view their walk with God as an amount of sin to lose rather than a lifestyle to live.

A lifestyle is something you do for…wait for it…LIFE! It’s week in, week out living for Jesus. It’s daily bible reading, praying, and hearing the voice of God. It’s gathering with believers in small groups and in services. It’s discipling, evangelism, and spiritual disciplines. You cannot possibly do all that in 2 months! Nor should you. God knows that we cannot sustain a binge for a long time and that’s why He gives us 70+ years to work into a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t take the next 2 months to figure out how much weight [and sin] you are going to lose. Take the rest of the year to build a lifestyle of gaining more of Jesus. And here’s the best part of a lifestyle: you will organically (fruit as a result of proper gardening) lose the weight and sins that so easily ensnare you when you fix your eyes on Jesus. So, get in shape spiritually and naturally. Build a healthy lifestyle that feeds your body, soul, and spirit!

Don’t worry about losing, focusing on gaining!