The Last Days, Part II

Hey! So, you probably figured it out by now. These blogs are less about dystopian tragedies and more about our heart. Good!

Here's the rest of the list, it gets deep toward the end!

This list comes from 2 Timothy 3, imagine Paul writing this to Timothy with the belief that Jesus was coming back any day! I can see Timothy looking down this list and thinking, "WOW! (or some greek derivative) This is exactly what the world is dealing with!"

It's so much more applicable today! Read through this and you'll see what I mean. I hope that you are encouraged to reach out to Jesus to become more like Him. AND that you are filled with a fresh passion to reach out to those who need Jesus.

  • Without self-control - given over to our desires with no control.
  • Brutal - abrupt, rude, angry, harsh; all things God is not.
  • Despisers of good - imagine actually hating and despising good things? We live in a world that actually despises righteousness and goodness.
  • Traitors - no allegiance to anyone or anything but their passing feelings.
  • Headstrong - plowing in the wrong direction, with no desire to hear correction or direction.
  • Haughty - always thinking their way is the right way. Even though it leads to destruction.
  • Lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God - we value fun, entertainment, and pleasure over becoming like God, having our faith stretched, crucifying our flesh. The tree was and is pleasing to our eyes. We think it brings pleasure but only God can satisfy and fulfill us.
  • A form of godliness but denying its power - monasticism and syncretism both are extremes of the same problem, thinking that we know how to do God’s will without Him. Monasticism assumes that by our separation from the world we will be more like Christ. Syncretism assumes that by our assimilation with the world that we will show them what Christ is like. Both are error-prone. To be like Christ is to lay down our will and be conformed in His image. Daily, casting off our assumptions and experience to allow His word to transform us completely.

No matter what we are dealing with or going through, Jesus Christ is ALWAYS the answer! Let Him in, let Him shape you into the person you are designed and destined to be...IN CHRIST.