The Last Days, Part I.

I love the word. I love reading it everyday. There is so much that applies to our daily life and the current situations that surround this world. Anyone who says the bible is outdated, must have never read the bible!

The bible is the mirror that reflects what is in us. The things that are Christ-like and the things that are not. When we look in the mirror of the bible, we can see our flaws, but we can also see the One who removes them by His grace. 

I was reading 2 Timothy, and this list came up in chapter 3. It paints such a graphic picture of our day and the need for us, His disciples, to rise up and share the Good News!

Read on!

The things men will love in the last days:

  • Themselves - first and foremost we will be so focused on ourselves that God will fade in the distance.
  • Lovers of money - they always have and always will, believing that money can bring them true fulfillment.
  • Boasters - they love proclaiming their greatness, celebrating themselves at every turn. 
  • Proud - arrogance flows naturally from self-love/worship/
  • Blasphemers - from arrogance comes blasphemy
  • Disobedient to parents - respect and honor are thrown by the wayside.
  • Unthankful - entitlement and victimhood will take the place of gratitude.
  • Unholy - no longer consistent with the nature of God or His will.
  • Unloving - without a desire to become like God, we cannot love people the way we should.
  • Unforgiving - unrelenting, not allowing for others mistakes all the while continuing in our own.
  • Slanderers - constantly talking bad about others.

Maybe you have a few of these qualities working in your own life. Take the time to allow God to remove them from your heart. We will all be better off as we become more like HIM!

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Part II comes out next week!